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Fruitiness, finess
and utter delicacy

Already, to the eye, the colour of Martell VSOP Aged in Red Barrels - a warm copper with glints of gold - marks it out as a particularly intriguing cognac. On the nose, the impression is one of fullness and freshness, characterized by intense aromas of ripe yellow fruit - mirabelle plum, greengage, apricot and vine peach. On the palate, these luscious fruit notes fuse deliciously with hints of wood and soft spices, as the harmony between the eaux-de-vie and the precious red barrels in which they were aged is reflected in the perfect balance of delicacy and aromatic power of this exceptional cognac.

A perfectly
balanced taste

enhancing candied fruit aromas shining through an intense cognac expression.
True to its spirit of curiosity, the House of Martell is further exploring the ageing dimension of its savoir-faire with the launch of an outstanding new cognac: Martell VSOP Aged in Red Barrels. Like all Martell cognacs, Martell VSOP Aged in Red Barrels is matured exclusively in casks of fine-grained oak from France's ancient TronÇais forest. Typically crafted from wood between 180 and 200 years old, these casks are characterized by finer, less pronounced tannins, which respect the delicacy of Martell's clear wines. As a consequence, the aromas that develop are more subtle, more generous and more refined.


For over three centuries,
the House of Martell has been renowned for the delicate, refined style of its cognacs. Fundamental to this style is a unique savoir-faire defined by two enduring and uncompromising principles: the double distillation of exclusively clear wines, from which all lees have been removed, and ageing only in fine-grained oak casks, the best to reveal the natural fruit aromas of the eaux-de-vie.

True elegance lies
in perfect balance

Uniquely, however, for Martell VSOP Aged in Red Barrels, the Martell Cellar Master selected oak casks already used to age eaux-de-vie, where the influence of tannins is even less pronounced. Known as fÛts roux owing to the reddish tinge of their wood, these precious barrels have reached the perfect stage of maturation for both the oak and the eaux-de-vie, thus allowing for an ideally balanced exchange between the two.

Not only are they able to fully express their natural fruit aromas, but these blend harmoniously with subtle woody overtones from the red barrels of fine-grained oak, resulting in an exceptionally rich and refined cognac that is an authentic expression of the Martell style.
About the House of Martell
Martell, the oldest of the great cognac houses, was founded by Jean Martell in 1715 at the height of French art de vivre, when gastronomy, taste and craftsmanship were celebrated and enjoyed with style. These became the three pillars of the House of Martell and remain intrinsic to the Martell vision today. For three centuries, Martell has produced, exported and marketed cognacs which are recognized worldwide for their outstanding quality and finesse, obtained through double distillation of exclusively clear wines and ageing in fine-grained oak casks.

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